At the onset of the pandemic, Covid-19 information, and particularly reliable local spread data, were hard to find. As an internet-based digital presence firm, we saw an opportunity to help our community by researching, downloading, processing, and publishing pandemic related information to our friends and colleagues. Initially the emails were sent out to whomever knew us and was interested in getting the information we were sharing. Within weeks, specific requests started to trickle in, and we expanded our email list. Eventually, we decided to archive our reports and leverage a cloud-based email platform to both improve the content format and more effectively gauge the interest of the willing recipients of the emails. To our surprise, analytics revealed there was a solid demand for the daily updates, which we provide at no cost, as a gift to all the email recipients. This is our way to make sure well-sourced COVID-19 information is available to whomever wants to review it. We keep meticulous data sources in a massive archive we have been building since January 2020 as we were immediately captivated by the events coming out of Asia, how fast the spread was progressing, and how quickly the Chinese government made a switch from initial denial to all-hands-on-deck, with the stunningly fast 10-day buildout of a fully equipped 1,000 bed hospital in Wuhan, China. As we started to produce more information, we eventually decided on a compulsory set of information to be published daily: Global, National, State (California), and local (Madera County), and a few surrounding California central valley counties from our office location. This has proven to be helpful for our friends, acquaintances, partners, and community to make decisions, evaluate and appreciate the scope of the spread, as well as provide the appropriate warning signs the data keep revealing as we are globally engaged in this one-in-a-lifetime experience, as mesmerizing as it is dangerous. We care about our community and hope you find the information helpful. We welcome questions, comments, and suggestions, which we invite you to send to

Thank you for your interest, stay safe.

From our hearts to yours,

Fredo and Renee Martin


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We’re working on adding older email PDFs to the archives.


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