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Your domain name belongs to you and to you only! Because of that simple fact, you want to be sure your hosting company is unable to hold your domain name hostage, in case of disagreement with your hosting vendor and/or your web designer. We have seen this scenario more often than we had expected…(Read More)

Google Analytics tools have been around for years and yet, I still see many websites with no embedded analytics codes. When I ask the site owner about it, the answer is often a variation on relying on a built-in traffic monitor, installed on the hosting server either by the webmaster or ‘included” by the…(Read More)

In this slide show (149 slides!!!), HubSpot reveals sales facts that may surprise you, beginning with the startling fact that 44% of salespeople have a staggering 80% probability of not closing the sale, simply because they typically give up after one follow-up when in fact, 80% of sales require 5 follow-ups (hence the…(Read More)

Sales Leads, Branding, and Social Media Originally published in July 2013 What is a sales lead? The answer depends on your perspective: a marketing qualified lead is NOT a sales ready lead, or even a sales qualified lead. Unfortunately, many CEOs and Sales Managers often see marketing as an organization (a cost center) designed to…(Read More)

Ok… now that I have your attention, let’s talk about why many business owners, CEOs, and head cheeses are not getting excited about social media, are letting marketing “play with it”, while failing to take any personal interest in social media. The numbers are quite staggering: in early August 2013, published their…(Read More)

Social Media has taken off but many marketing executives are still scratching their head or wonder if it’s just a fad that will eventually wane. Others are fully involved and are harvesting the many networks’ rewards (ask Boeing, Dell, Sony, The New York Times, Starbucks, Ford, T Mobile, Athenahealth, Procter & Gamble, etc.). Here…(Read More)