Every Company Has a Story to Tell

From the spark that ignited its idea, formulation, and creation, through its humble beginnings and the first big wins that ensured the company was onto something real, including the oh-so-familiar struggles that pepper the organization’s growth. Your company’s present form, its strengths, and the values it consistently delivers to its customers are all rooted in the story your prospects want you to reveal to them, to better and confidently lead them to decide why they should do business with you rather than with any of your competitors. From the realization of your company’s core dream, your devoted attention to your customer’s feedback, to the client services details they demand from your organization to the quality of products and services that together make you the best choice for your clients.

Your Story Must be Up Front

The story your happy customers help you weave, their enthusiastic testimonials, and their gratitude for having selected the right vendor is the experience your new prospects look for in their evaluation of the company they wish to hire or from which they wish to purchase products. Your prospects and customers respond to your marketing definition, strategies, and tactics because they recognize your understanding of their needs in your messaging. Let us help you tell your compelling story to your prospects and remind your existing customers how right they were when they decided to hire you.

Okay, So… What’s Our Story?

Our company was founded in the summer of 2001 after a deliberate extrication from the San Francisco Bay Area. We met in San Francisco in 1992 where we both worked for a very large publishing house. It was love-at-first-sight, sparking an ongoing approach to life – feet first and in it for the long game, tempered by a very healthy sense of humor.

Prior to our planned exodus from the Bay Area, Fredo moved from sales and marketing for various publications and profit centers while working for the big publishing house to business development for a foreign company’s prelaunch into the US market, then into product management for software and hardware high tech vendors for the next decade. During his sojourn, he developed a passion for technical marketing, which eventually lead him to a product management team lead role for a suite of information security products for a worldwide networking company.  Renee cut her teeth in the production and graphic design side of publishing before the birth of our two sons. Afterward, she freelanced design and production for a few magazines and online publications for leading software vendors.

By the end of 2000, it was clear to us that the rat race was not our “thing.” The deliberate extrication was ON. So, we chose to leave the Bay Area, move to the California Central Valley, closer to Renee’s family, and worked toward launching our own company almost two years later. Our collective focus, from the inception of Workingarts Marketing, has been to help businesses tell their own stories. We’ve helped them expand their online visibility and marketing reach with sensitivity to the communities within which they function. 

We incorporated our company in 2004 and celebrated its 20-year anniversary in 2021. The unique story that led us to start selling our services seems to still be very much in demand today: the combination of art and design expertise on one hand and deep technological knowledge on the other, still makes Workingarts Marketing a vendor with a rich skill set that benefits each and every one of our customers. During our tenure, we have had the privilege to work with some great people from a variety of industries, ranging from small enterprises, manufacturing, service, farms, and local organizations to large international companies in various markets and government agencies.

What Do We Love?

We love efficiency. We obsessively seek ways to improve our work and deliver elegant solutions to our customers. Gorgeous design makes us quell. Sophisticated simplicity enthralls us. We also love deep diving into our customers’ world across a wide spectrum of industries. We enjoy being exposed to the intricacies they share with us about their work, their challenges, and their goals. We love meeting business owners who love what they do — passionately. We love finding and exploiting the undocumented features, that inevitably show up, as we stretch the development platforms we use for our clients. We love the question: “what is marketing?” because it is a moving target, highly dependent on an organization’s culture, goals, business methods, and understanding of its markets.  The distinctly unique experience of owning our business opens us to a rare complicity with our clients, in which we share operational tips and tricks that we have learned ourselves or from our own customers. That priceless affinity can build a genuine partnership with our customers, open a deeper understanding of their business culture and their internal workings, and ultimately helps us deliver a more genuine marketing product / service that deeply matches their company needs.

Fredo Portrait 2022

Frédéric Martin

ceo / strike team leader

Renee Portrait 2022

Renée Martin

VP / Design

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