The Marketing Gap

Many businesses are started (too) quickly and their owners often forget to adequately plan their marketing strategy, even though it is initially identified as a core milestone document needed to clear the path to growth and success for their business. Yet, marketing plans end up being overlooked, partially because business owners, somehow, come to the realization that there are not enough hours during the day, and (more seriously) mostly because marketing requires funding, usually with no immediately visible return. Later on, as the business starts to hum, marketing plans are forgotten and the business manages to operate without ever putting them in place. But one thing is certain: the business will not grow without them.

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Because most small businesses owners start their enterprise without ever writing a business plan. Family, friends and their savings account get things going, and the business is hurriedly launched. However, without planning, the business is constantly on the defensive: paying bills, payroll, investing into required capital equipment, etc. and those expenses simply cannot be dealt with appropriately if they are unplanned. The business plan unveils the interrelation between all aspects of the business: if you need to spend, you require income, and if you require income, you must generate demand for your products and services. To achieve that, you need marketing.


This is where Workingarts™ comes into play and helps you get things going, by giving you the tools you need to fill in your marketing gap. Workingarts™ delivers most of the demand generation tools your business is craving. You may not need them all, but you know you need most of them. Workingarts listens to you and upon evaluating the performance of your marketing, within the framework of your industry, will, suggest a marketing strategy that both leverages and update existing market tactics, announce new tools to reach deeper into existing demographics or expand into untapped prospect profiles, each harvested via its most the marketing arsenal to which each demographic responds best.