Why Google Analytics Matter

Google Analytics tools have been around for years and yet, I still see many websites with no embedded analytics codes. When I ask the site owner about it, the answer is often a variation on relying on a built-in traffic monitor, installed on the hosting server either by the webmaster or ‘included” by the hosting platform vendor.

Yes, there is value in having that code on your web server, but there is far more value added into your reporting arsenal when leveraging the massive databases available to you via Google Analytics as they can reveal far more details on your traffic than a server-based traffic monitoring software ever could: your visitors’ profiles are constantly being compiled by Google, and the traces they leave when visiting your site allows you to benefit from Google’s ever growing databases to find out more about them.

You also can leverage Google Analytics with Google Adwords campaigns simply by using your existing analytics codes already installed on your website, to inform your campaign on your search engine, display, or combination campaigns dashboard. All the data revealed by Google Analytics include the following items:

  • real time traffic,
  • geo location,
  • language preference (may lead to a localized website),
  • technology use (browser, operating system, computer, tablet, smartphone),
  • visitor profiles,
  • age groups,
  • best traffic hours,
  • traffic flow into your website,
  • and much much, more…

Do you want to find out more about it? Call us at 559-662-1119, and we’ll explain in details how this all works together.

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