As web services keep enhancing content delivery and internet access becomes ubiquitous, website visitors are attracted to multimedia content and will spend more time on your site to view videos of your solutions, ideas, and other aspects of your organization and culture. This is yet another way to tell your story and to further illustrate the reason for doing business with you. It is also a fun project that appeals to website visitors as it personalizes your company, highlights your solutions’ benefits, and adds the human quality of your organization to the prospect’s decision making process. Here are a few samples of our video work, including photography, video capture, editing, and publishing.

Live meetings and video streaming technologies are evolving very quickly: after the initial success of periscope, which only required a twitter account and a phone, facebook, aided in part with its far larger subscriber base of almost 2 billion users worldwide, quickly disrupted periscope and took over that space with facebook live, a very smart move that offered more features, including live comments, emoji instant feedback, replay and far more interactive tools easily leveraged by its users. Other services are available from multiple vendors with varying degrees of sophistication, however, the cost-free aspect of facebook live is driving pricing down, as well as getting competing vendor solutions to ramp up must-have features in order to remain viable in the space.

Logo Animation

Logo Animation

Marian Farms Distillery Video

Bay Quality Roofing Video

(Trade Show Booth)

Willie’s Butchery Video

(Tying Up a Roast)

Slow Food Event Video

(Armenian Dinner)

Ak-mak Bakeries

(Flat Bread Wetting Instructions)

Blood Moon

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