Graphic Design / Print Design

Workingarts Marketing is passionate about design and image. Workingarts strives to best illustrate the content its customers want to convey to their specific and targeted audience, be it for an event, a company brochure, a print or web ad, a newsletter or magazine layout design, a billboard, a flier or a menu. The consistency in an organization’s marketing collateral is imperative, and Workingarts excels in implementing design consistency and efficiency throughout a organization’s images.

Beyond the need for an image to be descriptive and easily associated with the organization it aims to represent, design must also be functional, simple, evocative, and compelling. Our company image design process starts with a questionnaire, the creation of a color palette, and a few roughs, resulting in three design directions, from which the final idea emanates and ultimately leads to the creation of the final logo.

Online Campaigns Work Best with Images

Google Adwords, the 1,000 Lbs gorilla of online advertising, works more effectively with images in your ads. Google suggests multiple formats for your ad campaigns to maximize your ads’ visibility: banners and towers of multiple sizes, squares and rectangles, as well as smaller design formats for mobile devices, tables, smartphones, including in-app displays when requested. The Workingarts team specializes in such designs. Ask us for samples and let’s get your campaign started!

Fact: visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

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